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ACLU Seeking Consultants for 2019-2020 - Deadline September 13th

Incarcerated Women’s Working Group: Seeking Consultants for 2019-2020

The Working Group is looking to hire two formerly incarcerated women to serve as consultants. Consultants will work 4-5 hours per month over a period of 9-10 months, starting in early Fall 2019. Consultants will receive $1,000 for their work. They will also be reimbursed for their transportation costs.

Consultants will work with Working Group facilitators and members to:

  • Plan agendas for our meetings

  • Facilitate our meetings

  • Stay in contact with Working Group members between meetings

  • Follow-up on “to do” items between meetings

Consultants must be available to attend Working Group meetings every other month from October to June. We will meet on the following Mondays from 3-5 pm at Broad Street Ministry (315 S. Broad Street):

  • October 7th

  • December 2nd

  • February 10th

  • April 20th

  • June 15th

Applicants who are actively working with organizations that are part of the Working Group and applicants who have experience organizing within their communities will receive preference. This opportunity is open to formerly incarcerated women, including trans women as well as non-binary and gender non-conforming people.

How to apply: The application questions are below. Responses can be emailed to Julie at, or you may submit an application via Google form, available at this link:

The deadline to apply is September 13, 2019.

Application Questions:

1.) Please provide your contact information.


Phone number:

Email address:

Best way to reach you:

2.) How did you hear about this opportunity?

3.) Why are you interested in working as a consultant for the Incarcerated Women’s Working


4.) What skills and experiences would you bring to this role?

5.) Is there anything else we should know about you?

6.) What, if any, are your other paid work commitments? Please list the organization and the hours that you typically work. Note our group will meet at Broad Street Ministry (315 S. Broad Street) on the following Mondays from 3-5 pm: October 7th, December 2nd, February

10th, April 20th, and June 15th.

The Incarcerated Women's Working Group is a group of service providers, advocates, lawyers, researchers and formerly incarcerated women based in Philadelphia. We recognize the unique needs and experiences of women who are currently or formerly incarcerated, and we seek to leverage our collective assets to collaboratively address these needs. Through service coordination, advocacy and organizing, we work to support Philadelphia women in getting free and staying free.

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