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Philadelphia and Mural Arts Double Job Numbers of Same-Day Pay Program

Expansion of Philly Same-Day Pay Program Doubles Job Numbers

Pat Loeb - August 27, 2019

"Philadelphia has expanded an effort to reduce panhandling by offering low-barrier employment, and dozens of people are lining up every morning for a chance to get one of the jobs. The expansion has doubled the number of jobs and raised the program's goals.

The jobs are awarded by lottery Monday through Thursday mornings in Love Park.

Ten people are selected to work with Mural Arts Philadelphia in a continuation of a pilot project that started in April and has already completed a major project in Suburban Station.

Another 10 people are now being selected for jobs with the city's Community Life Improvement Programs, or CLIP, cleaning lots and removing graffiti.

"It's a win-win situation," said CLIP director Tom Conway. "We give them something to do, they get a couple dollars and then also we clean up the city of Philadelphia."

The job pays $50 in cash on the spot when the morning's work is over.

"It helps you out a lot, this stuff, put a couple dollars in your pocket," said Daniel, as he swept debris from a sidewalk in Port Richmond.

"I think it's a beautiful thing, getting the city clean. So I think it's a great job," added Thomas, who was enjoying his first day on the job after several tries."

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