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Success Beyond The Bars Symposium - September 21st

Community Forgiveness and Restoration Symposium

Community Forgiveness & Restoration will be hosting a symposium titled, Success Beyond the Bars that will focus on probation/parole, job opportunities, and criminal justice reform. Hosted by radio personality, Solomon Jones, the event will feature community leaders, returning citizens, state reps, and senators partaking in panel discussion.

The event is free to attend. Refreshments will be served from 8am - 8:30am.

9am - 12pm

September 21st, 2019

Christian Stronghold

4701 Lancaster Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19131

The Community Forgiveness and Restoration Initiative is an assembly of clergy, community leaders and members, and rehabilitated and transformed incarcerated citizens, working together to educate and effectuate faith-base solutions to crime prevention, public safety, criminal justice and prison reform, and effective behavioral and mental health examination and treatment for our confined citizens.

To learn more about their organization, click here.

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