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Mann-Up, a Reentry Preparation Program at SCI Phoenix Run by Incarcerated Individuals, is Seeking Sp

Incarcerated Clients Running Reentry Preparation Course Called MANN-UP and Are Seeking Speakers

Note: This course was originally miscategorized as a Pennsylvania Innocence Project run program, which is not the case. We apologize for the initial information.

A Reentry Preparation course, MANN-UP is an extraordinarily well put together program, being facilitated by men within the prison. They are seeking speakers for the current round of the group and I'm trying to find people who would be interested in speaking.

Each speaker is given 20 minutes, so it does not need (and can't be) a long presentation. The group runs on Saturdays from 1:00 to 4:00. You would need to arrive at 12:30 and stray throughout the duration of the program.

Please let Margaret Mason know if would be interested in speaking at MANN-UP. If it is a good fit, she will connect you with the program facilitators and the prison. Keep in mind that this would be a volunteer activity.

To learn more and inquire, email Margaret Mason at

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