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Redemption Housing Seeking Partners to Assist in Planning of Day One Challenge; A Reentry Advocacy I

Redemption Housing is hoping to expand the reach and impact of the Day One Challenge (D1C) by collaborating with other Coalition members. D1C has been envisioned as a staple of reentry awareness and advocacy like that of the Annual Autism Walk, Lupus Walk, etc.

We would love to have you join our planning committee to help secure sponsorships, organize the event, etc. You can also help during the event — we need volunteers to help with leading, registration, and providing participant support.

This three-hour immersion experience will place you “in the shoes” of Philadelphia’s returning citizens. Experience a glimpse of the first days and weeks that follow their release. To complete the Day One Challenge, participants work with other participants to find employment and educational opportunities, obtain your state IDs, and find a place to sleep until they can find their footing.

To get involved, please email Dr. Lori Banfield at:

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