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Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth Seeks Partners for Community Prosperity Initiative

The Community Prosperity Initiative is a national social justice strategy aimed at supporting the human dignity and full reintegration of people who were initially sentenced as children to life in prison and who are now returning to their communities. This initiative is a partnership between the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth (CFSY), the Incarcerated Children’s Advocacy Network (ICAN), which is a project of the CFSY, and diverse partners to provide the resources and services necessary for people who are returning home, and their families and neighborhoods, to thrive.

Specifically, through a growing network of private and public collaborations, this initiative will:

  • Provide opportunities for businesses and corporations to help mitigate critical social issues in ways that enhance their business value, align with their own stakeholders’ goals, and meet their expressed social responsibility outcomes;

  • Increase access to job training, livable wage employment, mentoring and a range of other services and resources to advance the success and well being for people returning home;

  • Connect businesses and private sector partners with formerly incarcerated individuals to support education, co-learning, and equip partners to be champions of the Community Prosperity Initiative within their workplace and larger network and field;

  • Co-collect, share, and distribute partnership activities, lessons learned, and best practices;

  • Develop an advisory council and other opportunities to provide training and technical assistance for partners, particularly those new to second chance hiring and the goals of this Initiative.

How You Can Partner with Us

The Community Prosperity Initiative understands that each partner has their own mission, business goals and desires to affect social change. We seek diverse partnerships that together will allow this

Initiative to meet the stated goals above, and provide formerly incarcerated individuals access to a wide range of services and resources. We support partners in doing the very most they can; no more, no less.

There are many ways to be an active partner in the Community Prosperity Initiative, and we are always open to other creative ideas we may not have thought of!

1.) In-Kind Contributions

  • Welcome Home “Baskets” - Free and discounted material goods for returning individuals. Partners donate gift cards or credit for items and stores such as groceries, coffee shops, restaurants, clothing, ride sharing services, discounts for online purchases, and more.

  • Skill Development - Donated time to assist returning individuals in developing a range of 21st century skills including financial literacy, technological literacy (banking, shopping, job searching in the digital age), job readiness, and more.

  • Donated Services - Free or discounted services such as car repair or oil changes; haircuts and other personal grooming; therapeutic services; recreational activities (tickets for shows, games, local events), and more.

  • Economic Opportunity

  • Fair Chance Hiring of formerly incarcerated individuals (CFSY can provide extensive support for implementation.)

  • Donations of tools and uniforms for specific jobs or trades.

  • Access to credit and capital through low-interest loans, incentive based banking, and more.

2.) Employee Volunteerism and Engagement

The CFSY creates opportunities for direct community engagement and impact, via a variety of volunteer opportunities including days of service and individual coaching and mentorship. We also support partners to educate and advocate within their professional and social circles to advance the goals of this Initiative.

3.) Philanthropy and Corporate Giving and Sponsorship

Financial contributions and grants to sustain the CFSY’s Community Prosperity Initiative and our work to support reentry and integration efforts are always welcome. Partners may also sponsor any of the CFSY’s yearly events, including our Healing & Hope event, self-care convenings, or our national Convening that takes place each fall.

4.) Get Involved

To learn more about the Community Prosperity Initiative and get involved, please contact the CFSY’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Anna Melbin at or 202-505-3104.

About the CFSY

The CFSY is a national organization working to end the practice of sentencing children to life in prison without the possibility of parole and other extreme penalties. ICAN is a national network comprised of and led by people who grew up in prison. ICAN members engage in public policy advocacy, help change the narrative about children convicted of serious crimes, and support a larger network of directly impacted individuals, families and communities. The first local chapter of ICAN was launched in Pennsylvania, and is now active in 26 states and Washington, DC with more than 100 members.

To learn more about the Community Prosperity Initiative and get involved, please contact the CFSY’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Anna Melbin at or 202-505-3104.

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