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PCCD: Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Local Initiatives Funding - CJAB Support Required

PCCD has released the 2019/2020 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Local Initiatives Funding 2019-2020 Competitive JAG Solicitation. PCCD is accepting proposals of up to $150,000 in year one, with eligibility for renewal of up to 70% in year two. These proposals require county Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) approval and each jurisdiction can only submit one proposal per category without risking disqualification.

As such, the CJAB Grants Committee will be meeting to review all proposals and determine which will one be supported in each category. In order for proposals to be considered, please submit your abstract and additional information using this link. All proposals from Philadelphia must be submitted to the CJAB Grants Committee by Thursday, February 27th.

Please indicate EVERY category that your proposal should be considered under, as there are often projects that could be submitted under multiple categories. This will help the Grants Committee support as many applications possible.

The Grants Committee will convene after the abstract deadline to determine which proposals will be supported, in an effort to respond as quickly as possible to potential applicants.

The final deadline to PCCD is March 27th.

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