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February 2020: Celebrate Black History Today and Everyday

Black History is American History

There is no America without the contributions from Black Americans. While we recognize that one month cannot capture the many achievements of Black people in America, we celebrate February as inspiration to fuel progress and recognize how far we’ve come. Black history should be included every day of the year and we should continue to honor those that paved the way for us in order to empower us and our children as we continue to chart our way forward. In 1912 Carter G. Woodson created the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH) and in 1924 they started Negro Achievement Week. It was a week to promote the achievements of Black Americans. This week began to inspire more Black Americans to expand Woodson’s idea from a week to a month. February was chosen by the ASNLH because both Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln played a significant role in ending slavery in America and February as a shared birthday month. Woodson once said that “those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history.” In this spirit of progress we embrace Black History as American history. -Eric Westbrook, Director of the Office of Black Male Engagement.

Check out all the events we have coming up below to honor Black History this month, and everyday.

My Brother's Keeper Action Academy Presents:

The Black Generational Wealth Series

“Access to wealth—or the lack thereof—within the Black community is one of many systemic issues that have stifled Black people in Philadelphia and across America for too long,” said Eric Westbrook, Director for the Mayor’s Office of Black Male Engagement. “Historically, Black people have been locked out of personal, professional and economic opportunities because of the lack of generational wealth in our families. We want to change that. The Black Generational Wealth Series is meant to serve as a starting point, giving members of the community ways to learn more about the tools they need to start developing financial security for themselves and their families.” In honor of Black History Month, the Mayor’s Office of Black Male Engagement (OBME) has been hosting the The Black Generational Wealth Series. This four-part financial empowerment series will continue to take place weekly throughout the month of February. Join OBME for the next two events in the Black Generational Wealth Series to help close the wealth gap in our community:

Grand Opening, Grand Closing: Building a Business that Lasts - Feb 18 Planting the Seeds of Wealth: Transferring Knowledge to the Next Generation - Feb 25

The Black Generational Wealth Series

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The Spotlight Series 2020: Transformers

The goal of this video series is to showcase and raise the visibility of positive Black men in Philadelphia. Representation has the power to show us our true potential. Images help us learn, images grab attention, images explain tough concepts, and inspire. The intention is to broaden and deepen the dimensions in which Black men and boys are seen, from a one-dimensional stereotype to the full spectrum. Check out a trailer here! Join us for a free screening of the entire series featuring out Community Believers and Remodeled Citizens at the African American Museum in Philadelphia on February 28 from 6-8 p.m. RSVP below!

Spotlight Series Screening

The Spotlight Series 2020: Transformers amplifies the voices and acknowledges the impact of Black men in Philadelphia, while creating a platform for them to share their stories. The Black men featured in the series have either transformed their lives, their community, or the narrative Black males.

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#PHLYouthTalks | From Selma to Philadelphia:

How Youth Move the Nation

This month, the Mayor's Office of Youth Engagement and the Philadelphia Youth Commission will honor the power and sacrifice of young people during the Civil Rights Movement. The Philadelphia Youth Commission will host local members of Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), on Saturday, February 22, 10am – 12pm to share their histories. Participants will then have an opportunity to break out into groups and discuss methods of organizing around issues they care about. Join the conversation that day by following @PHLYouth on Twitter and Instagram!

Follow the Mayor's Office of Youth Engagement on twitter and instagram @PHLYouth to stay in the loop!

Suffrage. Race. Power: Changing the Narrative

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote, the 4th Annual Women & Girls Summit, hosted by the Philadelphia Commission for Women, will focus on the theme of Suffrage. Race. Power: Changing the Narrative, this free conference will empower women with the information and skills to propel them as champions of inclusive democracy. The evidence points to women of color being leaders and a decisive force in a growing progressive movement. But the current narrative has not acknowledged their historical contributions in the march toward an inclusive democracy. Suffrage. Race. Power. intervenes in the arc of history that wrapped the century-long suffrage movement in the fabric of whiteness, and proclaims women’s voting rights paramount to racial justice. Black women have historically linked intersectionality of political empowerment with equality. Their contribution to inclusive democracy has been sustained and unyielding and will continue to light the way toward a united, powerful path to justice that invites people of all races, genders and ethnicities.

Please Join us on March 27 for the 4th Annual Women and Girls Summit!

4th Annual Women & Girls Summit

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Join OCEVS for the Next Civic Engagement Academy

Join The Mayor's Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service for a year full of monthly workshops that will provide you the best civic engagement tools and strategies you can use in your community to increase the impact of your work! View the full schedule here.

What: Government 101 When: February 18| 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. ​Where: Municipal Services Building, 1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd

Sign Up Here

Follow the Mayor's Office on Engagement for Women on facebook @Philawomencommission for more updates!

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