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Institute for Community Justice Beginning a Family Reunification Program

The Institute for Community Justice is beginning a Family Reunification program. This program will consist of free weekly family mediation sessions that last five weeks for people in re-entry and their chosen family (can be any important person that has been supportive or whom a participant wishes to communicate with better). The goal is to provide a safe space for families to work through stressors related to incarceration. We would like you to send anyone our way who would like to participate. They will focus on using family therapy techniques to build two-way empathy and understanding of the challenges faced both by the person in re-entry and by that person’s family as a result of incarceration to help facilitate happier, healthier relationships. Their pilot program will consist of 6-8 families and is open to any participant above the age of 18 who has been impacted by mass incarceration at any point in their lives. If you’re interested in referring people to this program or would like any additional information, please get in touch with Marlon MacAllister at Marlon MacAllister Community Outreach Worker, Institute for Community Justice / Philadelphia FIGHT | 215-525-0460 x362

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