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Baker Industries Hosting Event Where Participants Share Experience of Returning to Workforce After I

What's it like to reenter the workforce after incarceration? How does one navigate the barriers?

Join Baker Industries as participants share their reentry experiences through poetry, photography, and theater arts created with Wilma Theater and PAFA.


Thursday, March 19th at 4pm


3630 I Street Philadelphia 19134

Light refreshments will be served. On and off street parking available.

Baker Industries incorporates critical thinking skills and the arts into our innovative job readiness program because we believe this greatly increases the likelihood of sustainable success for individuals, their families, their neighborhoods, and the community. Our workforce development program in Kensington impacts not only the lives of our participants but extends to those around them - an important first step in lessening the grip of poverty and despair on this community.

To RSVP, email Baker Industries at

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