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Funding Available: FY 2020 Improving Reentry for Adults with Substance Use Disorders Program

BJA is excited to announce Fiscal Year 2020 funding opportunities to advance the field of corrections and reentry. We recently released solicitations seeking applications from government agencies, private and nonprofit organizations, and public and private institutes of higher education.

Through this opportunity, BJA is seeking applications for funding to establish, expand, and improve treatment for people with substance use disorders during their incarceration and reentry into the community. This program improves provision of services to offenders with substance use disorders when they leave incarceration to reenter the community, which in turn will help to reduce recidivism, promote public safety and recovery.

Eligible applicants: Units or components of state, county, or local government and federally recognized Indian tribal governments; Nonprofit organizations

Deadline: April 27, 2020

To apply, click here.

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