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Trauma-Informed Approach: Reentry Focus Group

When: Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Where: Mural Arts Program at 1727-29 Mt Vernon St, Philadelphia, PA 19130 at the Mural Arts Thomas Eakins House.

Due to the limited slots, an RSVP is Necessary and confirmation of acceptance will be provided. 5 Slots Per Session Available!

  • Session 1: Parents/CareGivers at 11:00am -12:30pm | The audience is composed of 5 parents, caregivers, and/or caretakers who have taken on the role of provider as a result of the incarceration of a family member. The focus group workshop goal is to identify the challenges and experiences of incarceration, returning home, and impacting factors through a trauma-Informed practice approach. Parent/Caregiver Name Submission

  • Session 2: Program Affiliates at 12:45pm - 2:00pm | The audience is composed of 5 Program Affiliates who are formerly incarcerated women, now attending participants in programs as clients, interns or staff, etc. The focus group workshop goal is to engage women impacted by the criminal justice system through a Trauma-Informed practice approach. Program Affiliates Name Submission

  • Session 3: Young Adult (18-21 years of age) impacted by incarceration at 2:15pm- 3:45pm | The audience is composed of 5 young adults ages 18-21 years of age who have experienced interactions with the criminal justice system and/or whose parents are currently or formerly incarcerated. The focus group is facilitated through a trauma-Informed practice approach. Young Adult Name Submission

Lunch and Refreshments Will Be Served After Each Session

(Arrive 30 Mins Before Your Session Begins and Enter the Raffle)

Session Incentives:

  • Two Transportation Tokens

  • $50.00 Grocery Gift Card (per person)

  • Information about reentry supports

  • Positive attendees aimed towards supporting each other's success

Confirm your attendance at or by text to 215-989-9809

They are also accepting referrals

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