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COVID-19 Update for the Philadelphia Workforce Community

The City of Philadelphia acknowledges the concerns surrounding COVID-19 and how it could affect business/employer operation and work activity. We share your concerns on how this grave situation is affecting diverse workers citywide. As we continue to focus on the health and safety of the public, we also seek to limit the economic and workforce impact of the spread of coronavirus in Philadelphia.

Please know that the City and our partners want to provide the most useful information and resources for workers. To accomplish this, we have created a brief survey that will help inform us of workers' most pressing needs. Thank you for sharing this survey among your contacts who can distribute it to as many members of the city's workforce as possible.

This is an unprecedented challenge for workers nationwide. The situation remains ever-evolving, so please know we're doing everything we can to assist the public in navigating through this difficult period.

To learn more and take the survey, click here.

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