Small Business Owner with a Criminal Record? Share Your Story with CLS

April 13, 2020


"The recent federal law passed (the CARES Act) to help small business owners during the coronavirus crisis through loan relief unfortunately has been interpreted by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to exclude owners with certain criminal records.


Are you a small business owner with a criminal record, or do you work for a small business owner with a criminal record? We want to hear from you! Click here to share your story.


Those most likely to be excluded under the SBA's current rules are people who:

  • are currently incarcerated.

  • are serving probation sentences.

  • within the past five years received felony convictions or entered diversionary program for felony charges.

Some loan forms also ask about any past criminal history and may lead to discretionary denials. 

Congress can change this in the next rounds of legislation in response to the crisis! You can help by clicking here to share your story with us."


To learn more about the Clean Slate Program, click here.

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