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Small Business Owner with a Criminal Record? Share Your Story with CLS

The CARES Act is providing federal funding to help our nation’s small businesses get through the COVID-19 pandemic. But thousands of small business owners are finding themselves blocked from receiving this critical aid because they have a conviction or arrest record in their past.

Are you a small business owner with a record, or do you work for a small business owner with a record? CLS wants to hear from you! Click here to share your story.

The Small Business Administration (SBA), which is administering the federal aid, has put in place restrictions that automatically exclude business owners who:

  • Are serving probation sentences

  • Have a felony conviction from the last 5 years

  • Entered a diversionary program for felony charges within the last 5 years

Some SBA loan forms also ask about any past criminal history, suggesting having any sort of record may lead to a denial.

Advocates are working to stop these unfair restrictions from continuing to hurt small businesses and the employees that depend on them. You can help by clicking here to share your story with CLS.

To learn more about the Clean Slate Program, click here.

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