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Broad Street Ministry Looks to Hire Part-Time Front Desk/ Triage Position

Broad Street Ministry has changed up its operations in order to continue to offer baseline services in a responsible and safe(r) way to our neighbors impacted by deep poverty, mass incarceration, mental health challenges and systemic barriers. To move on to "Phase 2" of "the new normal," they are seeking a part-time (at least initially part-time) person to "triage" their guests' needs from their front desk and lobby.

Triage Coordinator

Reports to: Director of Concierge Services

Job Description: The Triage Coordinator provides strategic support to the organizational community and is the first face our guests see when they enter the building. Triage Coordinator will work closely with our Concierge team to coordinate appointments for them, assist guest in navigating resources inside and outside Broad Street Ministry, and support incoming interns with task supervision related to current duties. Triage Coordinator will also be able to manage flow of guests in the front area, de-escalate rising tensions around area with guests, and support with receiving volunteers and in-kind donations.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Manage coordination of appointments for the concierge team and support re-entry team appointment coordination when needed

  • Assist guest with acute resource coordination and troubleshoot needs if time permits

  • Informing guests, volunteers, and donors about our services and relevant partnerships

  • Communicate with the rest of the HC and concierge team as needed to support the flow and daily operations

  • Work as part of a team to de-escalate any rising tensions that might happen in the front area

  • Answer the phone during open hours and forward calls to appropriate staff or answer any shorter questions as they arrive

  • Reliable input data to Broad Street Ministry’s MIS system

  • Fill in gaps and roles in the concierge team as needs arise and by taking longer appointments with guest as necessary

  • Support guests in acute crisis management and connect them to appropriate supports within or outside the building

  • Evaluate function or structure of triage role within the larger concierge and hospitality collaborative team and make necessary changes ongoing

  • Maintains high standards of professionalism which includes attendance demeanor and rapport with guests, congregants, partners, donors and volunteers


  • Detailed-oriented, willing to work in person with general public with proper protective equipment, punctual, organized, reliable, and able to remain calm in high-stress situations, able to communicate clearly and effectively.

  • Able to work respectfully with populations experiencing deep poverty, homelessness, trauma and or returning from institutionalization.

  • Demonstrates ability to problem solve, is a self-starter, strategic thinker, collaborative team member and excellent communicator.

  • Demonstrates appreciation for radical hospitality, and customer service. Is affirming toward guest identity, specifically of those who identify as being part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Demonstrates ability to contribute positively to de-escalation practices.

  • Strong leadership.

  • Ability to see larger picture in terms of operational function and flow of space and needs at the time.

Hours: Part time 25 hours/ week

Compensation: $18/hour

Apply with the subject line: Triage Coordinator, please send resume and cover letter of how your experiences relates to this position to

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