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Preparing People for Reentry: Checklist for Correctional Facilities

In light of COVID-19, correctional facilities are tasked with even more critical and time-sensitive decisions. Jail and prison officials, along with their criminal justice partners, are quickly working to reduce the number of incarcerated people to mitigate the spread of the virus among people who are in custody as well as those who work in correctional facilities.

To help reduce some of these risks, The Council of States Governments (CSG) Justice Center worked with the National Sheriffs’ Association to develop a concise checklist that assists reentry planners and correctional staff in the transition planning process. The checklist is designed to be a starting place for reviewing the myriad factors staff should consider as they prepare people for reentry, including engaging in COVID-19 best practices, navigating legal considerations, and determining if someone has basic or health needs.

For a pdf version of this checklist, click here.

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