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Pandemic Unemployment Assistance | Think You Can't Get Unemployment? Now You Can!

Think you can’t get unemployment benefits? Now you can!

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, or “PUA,” has now started. During 2020, PUA will provide benefits to people who usually do not qualify for unemployment benefits, known as “UC,” in Pennsylvania.

People eligible for PUA benefits include:

· Gig workers, like Uber drivers.

· Independent contractors.

· Self-employed people.

· People who lost jobs with religious organizations.

· Workers without enough work history to qualify for UC.

Anyone who does not qualify for UC should apply for PUA if they have lost their job, lost business, had their hours reduced, or have been unable to work because of the pandemic.

PUA will provide:

· Up to 39 weeks of weekly benefits ranging from $195 to $572, depending on your 2019 income, and

· Up to 17 weeks of a $600 weekly supplement, running from April through July.

PUA applications can be filed online at

Warning: the website currently has glitches that may frustrate you when you are completing your application. The State is working on correcting these problems.

You may want to try filing now, and return later if you are unable to complete your PUA application.

Whether you file now or later, be sure to try and get these PUA benefits that can support your family and you during the pandemic. If you are planning to file for PUA, watch our video, “Getting ready to file a PUA application.”

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