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Community Change Accepting Applications for women's fellowship

What is women's fellowship? women's fellowship is a 10-month, cohort-based program that provides Women of Color who have personally experienced incarceration or detention and or of a close loved one, with the tools they need to engage in strategic discussions and partnerships to shape policy decisions and establish how power is attained and wielded at home, work, and their communities by centering healing in the midst of transformative organizing.

Why women of color who have personally experienced incarceration or detention and or that of a close loved one? These women experience life in a unique way, and we need a new model of organizing with them that recognizes their experiences with trauma − before, during, and after their incarceration. Traditional organizing often starts from unearthing people’s trauma and anger as motivation for engagement in collective action. This space is created to bring emotional and spiritual healing, not as an aside or on the margins, but as an integral part of the process of organizing. This space is not only to develop the skills and analysis needed for policy change, but also one that develops, implements, and captures a new way of organizing.

Who would make a strong candidate for women's fellowship?

  • People who identify as indigenous women and/or women of color who have personally experienced incarceration or detention or that of a close loved/convicted of a felony.

  • Staff members or leaders of current Community Change/Action partners

  • People who are leading local campaigns, and or are organizing on social justice issues, meaning they have demonstrated leadership and impact in their organizations and the field and are poised to make a significant future impact in these spaces

  • Those who have a base that they are accountable to and are positioned to build other leaders

  • Those coming from organizations who see the value of investing in leadership development and demonstrate a clear commitment to making time and space for staff to fully participate in this program

Please take a moment to review the following to make sure that you'll have the time and capacity to participate fully in the fellowship if your application is chosen

  • It is estimated that you will need to dedicate 5-10 hours a month to the fellowship. Do you have the time to commit to the process for 10months?

  • Do you have the support of your organization? If not, how can we help?

  • Are you available to participate in the three virtual retreats?

  • Are you confident with technology and have access to the internet and web-based programs (google, email, slack, whatsapp, zoom, texting) at scheduled times?

  • Are you able to travel by plane? If not, how can we help? (parole officer letter, travel restrictions)

What if I cannot participate in every retreat or attend each of the virtual programming sessions? Each aspect of the women's fellowship program is designed to build upon each other, so participants and their organizations will get the most out of the experience by carving out time for full participation. Full participation in the first session in September is required in order to lay a strong foundation for the rest of the program. That being said, we understand the realities of work and family life, particularly for women of color, and will work with participants and their schedules to support them in participating in as many aspects of the program as possible.

Is there a fee for participation? No. All costs for participant travel, lodging and meals are covered by the program. Participants can also apply for child and family care stipends to support their full participation.

How do I apply? The women's fellowship program is open to staff of Community Change partner organizations who identify as a Women of Color who has personally experienced incarceration or detention and or that of a close loved one We are currently recruiting for the 2019/2020 cohort

Deadline for applying is Monday, August 10th, 2020: Click here to apply and feel free to contact Aida Cuadrado-Bozzo, senior facilitator, leadership development with any questions (

To learn more and apply, click here.

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