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City of Philadelphia Distributing Mail-In Ballot Guides to Service Providers - Request Now

The City of Philadelphia is distributing mail-in ballot guides and postcards to organizations and people serving communities historically underrepresented in voting; available for pick up or drop off.

To request this resource, fill out this quick survey from the Office of Immigrant Affairs. In it, you'll specify how many you'd like.

You will be asked to choose between two options:

  • Option 1: The City of Philadelphia can provide you with postcards directing voters to the online version of the mail-in ballot guide. Each postcard will provide information in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and French.

  • Option 2: The City of Philadelphia can provide you with printed versions of the mail-in ballot guide. The guide is a small, 8-sheet packet that can be printed in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Cambodian, Indonesian and Korean.

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