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OIC of America Looks to Hire Pre-Release Manager

Application deadline: September 12, 2020

OIC of America (OICA) is a nonprofit organization and the national office of a network of 31 workforce development organizations spread across the United States. Our mission is to provide underserved communities with the tools and support needed to overcome barriers to economic opportunity. We envision a world in which all people are contributing members of their families and communities. Through their efforts and ours, our participants have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty, in support of creating a more just and equitable society. OICA provides job and life skills training and matches our graduates with the employment needs of local businesses. Our organization and broader network have trained over 2 million people nationwide over the past 50+ years.

The Pre-Release Manager serves as the liaison between correctional facilities staff and OIC affiliates implementing OIC of America’s SOAR re-entry program. They will provide overall management and monitoring of service coordination while connecting OIC affiliates with appropriate pre-release service providers as needed. This position will work closely with affiliate frontline staff and correctional staff to understand the needs of participants pre-release, develop and implement transitional plans, research and gather community resources/support, and develop partnerships with agencies and organizations to support achievement of program outcomes. They will also track program participants’ progress and provide reports to corrections as well as coordinate transitions of participants from state prisons and local jails into community. The Pre-Release Manager will be responsible for preparing monthly outcome reports to brief correctional staff and other stakeholders on the program’s progress. This role will require one to represent OICA within the Pennsylvania re-entry eco-system and participate in convenings, discussions, or similar platforms to build new alliances and partnerships that propel the work of the organization.

To learn more and apply, click here.

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