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29 People Have Died in Philly Jails During the Pandemic

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Samantha Melamed - April 19, 2022

As he watched his blood soak through the last of his makeshift bandages and puddle on the floor, Mark Subher wondered if he would die in his jail cell in Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Northeast Philadelphia.

That morning in September, a correctional officer had unlocked all the doors on the unit. Then, according to Subher, she left. What happened next was captured on video obtained by The Inquirer: Three prisoners attacked Subher, one stabbing him repeatedly with a homemade knife, others punching and stomping him. After Subher got away, they had time to conceal the evidence, mopping up the trail of blood.

“I’m praying the whole time: ‘God, please get me through this,’” Subher said. He grew lightheaded as he hit the emergency buzzer in his cell over and over.

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