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A Dishonesty Offense May not Prevent Employment at a Financial Institution

Section 19
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There are certain offenses that prohibit individuals from gaining employment, including FDIC-insured depository institutions (IDI). Your Guide to Section 19 informs us that individuals with criminal offenses involving dishonesty, breach of trust, money laundering, or enrollment in a diversionary program, may still be given the opportunity to work at an IDI if they receive approval from the FDIC. To apply for approval, an individual or IDI that wants to hire the individual will need to complete an application. The application can be found here. or through the attachment titled f6710-07.

The FDIC's website invites those interested in applying to call their FDIC Regional or Area Office before applying. Here is the contact information for Pennsylvania:

Brittany Washington/New York Regional Office

(917) 320--2780


-Expungements do not require an application

-There are some Minor offenses which are automatically approved by the FDIC and do not require an application

To review the full Your Guide to Section 19 document, please click the attachment above.

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