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ACLU Looking to Train Voter Ambassadors (9/28, 10/6, 10/12)

The ACLU of Pennsylvania is holding trainings over the next three weeks about voting rights, and we would love to have you join! These trainings are for our Voter Ambassadors -- people who are a trusted source of information in their communities and help make sure that every eligible voter can cast a ballot that is counted.

If you are interested, please sign up for one of our upcoming trainings! They will be held on Zoom.

  • Wednesday 9/28, 12-1pm

  • Thursday 10/6, 5-6pm

  • Wednesday 10/12, 12-1pm

Five Duties of a Voter Ambassador

  1. Be a trusted voting resource for friends and family.

  2. Create a network of people who might want election updates, need help voting, or share information you circulate with their friends and family.

  3. Share information and updates with your network.

  4. Encourage your network to prepare for and plan their vote.

  5. Correct misleading information about voting; flag problems for ACLU-PA staff.

To become a Voter Ambassador, please fill out this form.

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