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Apply to Paid Community Outreach Positions with ACLU-PA (5/13)

Community Ambassadors job opportunity, summer 2022
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The ACLU-PA is offering temporary part-time positions, doing community outreach and education. Personal or family experience with being stopped by police, arrested or locked up is a big plus.

This spring and summer, a pilot program is expanding to new police districts, and we want to make sure residents know about it! This pilot limits the police's ability to stop folks for petty offenses, like loitering or open containers. ACLU-PA is are hiring community ambassadors to educate their neighbors about their rights when stopped by the police. The position will be about 5 hours/week and pays $25/hour. ACLU-PA is seeking candidates who can commit to working at least for June, July and August. Candidates should live in one of the five police districts where the pilot program is expanding -- the 2nd, 12th, 17th, 22nd or 24th police districts. You can see a map of the police districts by going to and clicking on “Police Districts” in the left column.

To visit the ACLU-PA's website, click here.

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