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Barnabas House Reentry Program Accepting Applicants

Redemption Housing is pleased to announce that our heavily anticipated Barnabas House program is actively seeking applicants for our first cohort.

Do you currently have connections or work with someone at an SCI who needs a home placement for their parole Housing plan? Is it in your expert and experienced judgment that he would be a suitable candidate for our reentry program?

Barnabas House will serve as a 12-month transitional Housing reintegration program in West Philadelphia for male returning citizens. Their residents will live in a safe, secure, fully furnished home and experience hands-on guidance and connection to our network of resource partners as they navigate the initial phases of reintegration. In collaboration with their supervision personnel, Soft Case-Management will be administered by our qualified House Chaplain and supported by our vetted volunteers.

Redemption Housing is a transformational recovery organization that offers faith-based programming and community support to Philadelphians coming out of incarceration and homelessness, guiding them toward healthy and meaningful lives. Our mission is to bring God’s healing and restoration to those affected by incarceration and homelessness, holistically serving them as they transition back into the community while providing a safe space where they can connect with social services, find meaningful employment, and locate long-term housing. Their program is a clean and sober living environment, and the initial cost of programming is completely covered by our Redemptive Partners. Residents would not participate in meeting their stewardship goal in the form of a program fee until they have secured income through employment or social security (Regardless of income level, the program fee would not exceed $300 a month). If you have someone in mind, please reach out to us immediately, as we are looking to welcome the initial cohort of 6 persons in March.

Rev. Dr. Lori "Lo" Banfield

Executive Director, Redemption Housing

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6326 Philadelphia, PA 19139

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