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CeaseFirePA Petition for Additional Violence Prevention Funding in PA

In the last two years, community violence intervention (CVI) organizations, survivors and gun violence prevention advocates won $150 million for violence intervention programs. It's helping credible messengers mediate conflicts, expanding victim service programs, and investing in programs to address root causes of violence.

Thank you. Next month the FY23 budget season will kick off--and it's critical these resources continue. We're calling on Governor Shapiro and General Assembly to provide $100 million for violence intervention programs across the Commonwealth. Can you sign onto our letter by February 28th?

Already, we're hearing that we should wait for the existing resources to be spent. And without the federal American Rescue Plan funding there is a real risk less money will be allocated in the upcoming budget cycle.

Your voice is critical in this fight. Legislators need to understand the need for more resources to reach those at risk for being involved in violence are needed. After you sign on, CeaseFirePA team members will reach out on the next step in these efforts. It may be helping legislators understand how CVI programs work, participating in community educational forums or telling the story of your work to the media.

Demand funding for CVI programs today.

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