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City Hosting Workshop to Draft Mission Statement for Adult Education Services - March 18th

"We are excited to invite you to a workshop to help draft a vision and mission statement for Adult Education and Literacy Services (AELS). AELS recently commissioned a set of reports about the current local landscape, feedback from local/national adult education experts as well as recommendations based on what they gathered. You can find the full report here ->

One of the recommendations centers around the creation of a shared mission, vision, and goals for Philadelphia’s adult education system. We have engaged Eliza Pollack (Dir. of Innovation, OIT - City of Philadelphia) to facilitate discussions with both internal and external stakeholders to respond to this recommendation.

We hope you will join us for this first workshop which will be held on Thursday March 18th, 10:30AM - 12 noon on Microsoft Teams. Please RSVP using this form by March 16, 2021."

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