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City Launches Digital Equity PHL

The city has created a digital equity resource page – DigitalEquityPHL. It lists digital literacy classes, how to get a free/low-cost device and internet, where to find a public computer center and how to get in-person help.

Technology is a critical part of daily life—whether you’re applying for a job, taking an online class, or searching for medical care.

In Philadelphia, there is a digital divide. Some residents can’t afford internet subscriptions. Others have very old or slow devices. Many rely on free public Wi-Fi, which can be hard to find outside of Center City.

"Digital equity" means that every resident has access to reliable internet, devices, and the digital skills needed to use these tools.

The City has a plan to achieve digital equity. We have a team creating and pursuing strategies to support those goals. We're not doing this alone—we're working with partners and related programs. To learn more, read about our work.

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