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City of Philadelphia Looking to Hire Group Violence Intervention Case Manager

The City of Philadelphia is seeking a full-time Gun Violence Intervention (GVI) Case Manager to provide day to day social services coordination and management support to the GVI Program. The National Network for Safe Communities’ GVI has repeatedly demonstrated that violence can be dramatically reduced when a partnership of community members, law enforcement, and social service providers directly engages with the small and active number of people involved in street groups. The program clearly communicates a moral message from community representatives that violence will not be tolerated; a law enforcement message that any future violence will be met with clear, predictable, and certain consequences; and an offer of help from social service providers for those who want it.

This position will work with partner agencies, social service providers, and community groups to create a unique support structure tailored to each group member who is a focus of GVI. Additionally, the Case Manager once assigned an individual will serve as the main point of contact for that individual who is interested in getting support. It is important to note that the ability to be accessible during both traditional and non-traditional work hours (nights and weekends) is an extremely important component to this position. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to, meeting with group members to do intake, walking them through all the resources available, attending referral meetings, following up with the group member and referral agencies to ensure the group member is having success, holding partners accountable, and providing mentorship and support to the group members.

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Salary Range: $45,000-$51,500

Essential Functions Relationship-building with providers

  • Identify social service resources (including education, employment, emergency assistance, treatment, mentoring) and identify gaps in needed services and assistance

  • Meet with social service providers to brief them on GVI and establish processes to prioritize group members for support services

Case management and support

  • Build trusting relationships in order to create buy in for social services

  • Provide a single point of contact for the participants who self-select social services. Group members should only have to make one call for help and should be personally assessed and assisted in obtaining any necessary services

  • Conduct individualized intake assessments and plans

  • Minimize client interactions with multiple agencies by prioritizing clients and helping them to navigate a single entity

  • Be available to answer the phone day or night to talk with group members and provide after-hours crisis services, including phone-based consultations and preliminary intake services

  • Follow up regularly with group members to see if there are areas in which further help, or guidance is needed

  • Track the progress of each group member in terms of programmatic completion as well as the extent to which this support structure is keeping them alive and out of prison

Program structure and collaboration

  • Produce a structure that provides an offramp out of violence for those who want it

  • Work with government agencies including probation and parole, social service providers, and reentry providers

  • Participate in GVI call-ins, custom notifications, and social service working group meetings

Competencies, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to be accessible both during traditional and non-traditional work hours, including nights and weekends.

  • Demonstrated working knowledge of supportive services and resources

  • Demonstrated ability to advocate, organize, and problem-solve

  • Excellent oral, written and interpersonal skills

  • Proven ability to coordinate effectively and collaborate with multi-disciplinary cross agency project teams

  • Track record of delivering solutions in high-pressure environments

  • Ability to work collaboratively with law enforcement personnel, grassroots community leaders, and social service organizations

  • Facility with word processing and basic databases (Word, Excel)


  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred with emphasis in Social Work or related field

  • Case management and service delivery experience (with a minimum of three years of experience preferred)

  • Experience working with justice-involved populations, demonstrated knowledge of challenges facing justice-involved populations

  • Knowledge of and experience working with Philadelphia communities

To Apply: Interested candidates must submit a cover letter, resume, and references. To apply, click here

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