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City of Philadelphia Pushes Racially Equitable Outcomes as a Core Focus

Under the Kenney Administration, the City of Philadelphia is pursuing a comprehensive approach to dismantle institutional racism, advance racial equity, and improve outcomes for all Philadelphians. In signing Executive Order 1-20, among the first actions of his second term, Mayor Kenney mandated that City government focus on true equity—rather than just fairness or equality—as a core imperative to ensure that the City’s policies, services, and distribution of resources account for the different conditions of the communities we serve.

Government plays a critical role in creating and maintaining long-standing racial inequities through laws impacting voting rights, housing, criminal justice, education and more. Despite progress in dismantling explicit forms of discrimination, Philadelphians continue to experience significant racialized disparities across key indicators of success.

By centering racial equity, the Administration is advancing an intentional strategy to dismantle internal institutional barriers that are repeating patterns of exclusion and perpetuating disparate outcomes for our residents today. Through this strategy, the City is also applying resources to other areas of marginalization, including based on gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, and more

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