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CJPS Announces Community Violence Intervention RFP

The Office of Policy and Strategic Initiatives for Criminal Justice & Public Safety (CJPS) is searching for a qualified applicant(s) to implement a new Community Violence Intervention (CVI) program, modeled after the Heartland Alliance's successful Rapid Employment and Development Initiative (READI) in Chicago.

The new CVI program will serve approximately 100 individuals in the Philadelphia area. Participants in the program will receive up to three years of intensive supports and resources. The deadline to apply is August 26, by 5 PM.

Supports and resources include:

  • Intensive behavioral health supports throughout transitional employment, as well as prerelease for participants in correctional settings, to maximize violence reduction

  • Relentless engagement through community-based organizations specializing in street outreach

  • Case management services

  • Subsidized transitional employment and coaching

  • Housing support services

  • Follow-up support to promote lasting pro-social behaviors and engagement with the workforce

Continuous engagement with participants is a key component of the CVI program. Service delivery policies and strategies are designed to accommodate people at higher risk of gun violence involvement, and who are resistant to more typical interventions.

To meet these needs, the program will:

  • Practice zero exclusion, based on participant characteristics that otherwise may typically disqualify individuals from participation.

  • Accommodate behaviors and attitudes that otherwise may typically result in a participant’s termination from programming.

Applicants can respond to the request for proposals (RFP) for the following service components:

  • Coordinating agency and administrative backbone

  • Street outreach and case management

  • Transitional jobs and coaching

  • Behavioral health supports

  • Housing supports

Applicants are welcome and encouraged to respond to one service category alone, or bid on multiple service categories. Agencies are also strongly encouraged to collaborate with other agencies to serve multiple service areas.

The RFP can be found at the City's Contract Database eContractsPhilly, under the Opportunity #: 21220623122247.

Responses are due August 26, by 5 PM. Agencies who apply should be prepared to commence work October 3, 2022, and to begin the implementation of the program by November 14, 2022.

For questions about the Community Violence Intervention RFP, email

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