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Community Legal Services Asking for Support in Objecting to Occupational Licensing Regulations

Please take the time to write a short email to object to the proposed regulations that would create too broad, lifelong bans on occupational licenses for people with criminal records. (It is not considered “lobbying” so it’s legal for you as an individual or organization to comment). You can also ask your program participants to comment.

Please write to, copying, to object to the proposed regulations and to ask that they be reworked to bring Pennsylvanians with criminal records into the licensed occupations. Include in the subject line ”16A-66 (Consideration of Criminal Convictions)” when submitting comments by e-mail. Deadline is December 19, 2022

Please write your comment in your own words. A comment that reflects your own beliefs and concerns is best.

Some points you might want to make:

  • The goal of occupational licensing reform is to open occupations to people with old and unrelated criminal records. OLR also helps businesses experiencing worker shortages, such as the nursing profession.

  • People can’t take the risk of spending years and money going to school for a new profession if they are presumed to be unfit to be licensed. Even if they will have a chance to show in a hearing that they should be licensed, that chance would not occur until they actually apply for a license after their training is completed.

  • The list of offenses that lead to people being presumed unfit must be as narrow as possible. And people should not be presumed unfit for their entire lives. There must be time limits on how long the person’s offense is held against them.

  • Please say anything specific to the licensed occupation that you most care about, if any. Examples: accountant, barber, cosmetologist, nurse (including LPN), social worker. For a list of licensable occupations in PA, review the CLS “Legal Limitations” document.


Please download and share our one-page flyer and two-page flyer.

Contact Brendan Lynch,, Katie Svoboda-Kindle,, or Sharon Dietrich, of Community Legal Services (CLS) for more information.

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