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Defender Association Hiring Administrative Assistant in Police Accountability Unit

The Police Accountability Unit (PAU) works to improve outcomes for Defender clients, aid trial attorneys in their representation of clients with police-related issues, and employs a diverse array of data sets to effectuate policy and legal changes related to systemic police misconduct. The PAU Administrative Assistant is responsible for aiding the attorneys and administrative staff in their representation of Defender clients. The Administrative Assistant will perform a variety of administrative duties that require comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Defender Association, the PAU, and other organizations that aid clients with police misconduct issues.

What You’ll Do

  • Provide administrative and organizational support to the PAU, including the policy and data analysts

  • Answer telephone inquiries and work to ensure that quality services are provided

  • Prepare, serve, and track subpoenas

  • Track annual Right-to-Know requests

  • Collect data, enter data into PAU databases, and maintain PAU databases

  • Prepare and update files

  • Prepare correspondence

  • Schedule, attend, and document meetings

  • Produce and review letters, reports, presentations, and other materials for court proceedings, community events, and other meetings

  • Assist with development and revision of PAU forms and processes that will increase productivity and/or establish efficient work protocols

  • Act as a liaison with other Defender units regarding administrative and IT support issues

  • Support other PAU work as needed

Learn more and apply.

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