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Eastern State Penitentiary Hiring Part Time Facilities Technician

Facilities Technician (Part-Time, Seasonal)

Our Facilities Technicians are responsible for ensuring that all areas of the facility are neat and clean, including outdoor spaces, restrooms and offices, and for creating a positive and engaging experience for each and every visitor. Facilities Technicians must be able to lift up to 50 pounds and work independently.

Examples of responsibilities include sweeping, breaking down cardboard boxes, routinely taking out garbage and recycling, maintaining exhibits, changing lightbulbs, landscaping and other duties as assigned. Other responsibilities include working cohesively with security and other departments in keeping guests safe from any potential safety hazards. Please note that Eastern State Penitentiary is a ruin and working conditions are not always ideal. Facilities Technicians may spend a significant portion of their workday in outdoor conditions.

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