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Explanation of the Legal Aspects of The Re-entry Process | State

Harrisburg-Re-employment after working hours can be very difficult, but recent panels have some clarification on the complex legal process that re-entries must face.

State officials have provided an educational panel entitled “Re-entry Women: Amnesty, Erasure, and Clean Slate.” Panelists discussed each process and the potential impact they could have on re-entry.

Clementy usually falls into one of two categories: amnesty and commutation. Amnesty is the complete state forgiveness of a crime for which someone has been convicted, regardless of whether the sentence includes imprisonment. Applying for amnesty is free, does not require a lawyer, The application is available online.

“Criminal convictions can affect employment, housing and educational opportunities and even limit parents’ application for children’s activities,” said the Pennsylvania Amnesty Commission (BOP). Secretary Celeste Trusty said.

“Pardon is an important process in Pennsylvania, offering a second life-changing opportunity for legally affected community members. Applying for a federal amnesty is free and the application material is the Amnesty Commission. Easy access to the public on its website. Everyone deserves a second chance. Pennsylvania is proud to be a leader in amnesty reform under its current administration. “

PLSE provides a free legal representative to low-income residents of Philadelphia whose criminal records are blocking them. Helps to seek erasure in a criminal court. Help the governor seek amnesty.

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