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Fair Chance Hiring Employer Engagement Toolkit

This Fair Chance Employer Engagement Training Guide is designed to train community-based job developers, program and organizational leaders in building long-term Fair Chance Hiring (FCH) relationships with employers. This document was created by the National Reentry Workforce Collaborative in partnership with reentry workforce practitioners possessing a collective 150 years of experience building FCH employer relationships. The content was also informed by data collected from surveys of (a) businesses that have varying levels of experience employing people who have been impacted by the justice system, and (b) frontline Job Developer staff of NRWC’s community-based partner organizations.

To access the toolkit, click here.

About NRWC

The National Reentry Workforce Collaborative (NRWC) is a national network of organizations, practitioners, advocates, and industry experts in reentry programming and workforce development spanning across 74 cities in 32 states. The NRWC works to improve policies and practices to better equip nonprofit practitioners, reentry workforce systems and employers, to support and provide access to employment and economic mobility for people who are impacted by the justice system.

About Fair Chance Employment

Over the years many companies have created policies that excluded people with a criminal record from accessing job opportunities within their corporation. However, in the current economy where the demand for workers exceeds the supply, many companies are exploring fair chance hiring opportunities. Fair chance hiring (also known as second chance hiring) is an approach where companies change policies and make accommodations to hire individuals with a criminal record. Companies that succeed in fair chance hiring have established good systems of support to help individuals with criminal record navigate some of the collateral consequences. Many of these companies have done this through partnerships with community-based organizations.

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