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Fair Chance Hiring Hosting Second Chance Month Event, Seeking Applicants for Four Open Positions

The Biden Administration has proclaimed April Second Chance Month. Governments and corporations across the country are starting to recognize the importance of providing returning citizens with opportunities and social supports necessary to successfully re-enter society.

The City of Philadelphia’s Fair Chance Hiring Initiative is committed to fostering re-entry through connection to meaningful and sustainable employment with local businesses. We plan to use the month of April to engage key stakeholders including employers, recruitment partners, and returning citizens in conversations that foster greater understanding of re-entry issues and feature helpful resources and information.

Additionally, FCHI has shared information about four positions currently open through the Fair Chance Hiring Initiative. Two of these positions opened in early April but have yet to receive any referrals through FCHI. Their deadlines have been extended past the date listed on the Job Announcements.

Please let them know, through the FCHI inbox (, if you know of any candidates interested in these positions. Candidates should be Philadelphia residents released from incarceration as a part of a sentence within the last seven (7) years.

If you are not able to refer any candidates, please let us know of any feedback/ideas on how we can fill these positions as we'd like to see them filled by a returning citizen.

FCHI Positions: Cyclist
Download PDF • 181KB
FCHI Positions: Cabinet Maker Carmana
Download PD • 181KB
FCHI Positions: Service Technician (Frye
Download • 213KB
FCHI Positions: Right Way Retail and Hom
Download • 181KB

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