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Foot Locker Foundation Community Empowerment Program Accepting Grant Proposals

The LISC & Foot Locker Foundation Community Empowerment Program is a partnership of the Foot Locker Foundation and LISC to launch a $3 million, multi-city initiative to support community and youth empowerment in underserved communities where Foot Locker Inc.’s teams live, grow and work. The program aims to bridge gaps in health, wealth, and opportunity, especially those driven by racial inequity.

Over the next two years, the LISC & Foot Locker Foundation Community Empowerment Program will provide grants, ranging from $20,000-$100,000 and technical assistance to organizations that offer a range of services for young people, including health and wellness, education and life skills support, mentoring, and workforce development.

The grants will build on Foot Locker and LISC’s shared goal to inspire and empower youth and will be focused on the 12 metropolitan areas where Foot Locker and LISC have a significant presence. Invitations to apply for these grants will be directed to local organizations, based on feedback from local LISC offices and Foot Locker’s store teams, who know their neighborhoods best. As part of the grant application, applicants will suggest opportunities to engage Foot Locker store team members, to help bring the programming to life, whether through in-store learning opportunities, community cleanup, mentorships or other volunteer activities.

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