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Framing the Future of the Roundhouse Feedback Event (10/15)

The City of Philadelphia will sell the former Police Administration Building, known as the Roundhouse and located at 7th and Race Streets. Connect the Dots has been tasked with co-leading an engagement process with the goal of guiding the future development for the site. Our team approach will focus on the following in order to guide a collective reenvisioning of this site.

  1. Naming and framing the lived experiences of people connected to this space

  2. Meaningful placemaking to re-envision the future of the site

To learn more about the project please visit the project website.

Help us spread the word about this engagement process to reach out to those that have these lived experiences in and around the former police headquarters. Our intention is for your help in spreading the word on this impactful project.

We also invite you to:

The project aims to prioritize the voices of all Philadelphians, including those historically underrepresented voices ensuring that the vision co-created for the site is inclusive, just, and representative of our city.

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