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Free Case Management and Referral Platform

CommunityLink CBO Brochurepdf
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The CommunityLink™ network is a collaborative alliance of community-based organizations (CBOs) committed to working together more effectively to improve the holistic well-being of the individuals we serve. Today, this network includes a collection of organizations within Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Increase Collaboration CBOs work together to safely identify and address the social needs that contribute to poor outcomes. Increase Health Outcomes Easily connect individuals to resources and enroll them in relevant community programs. Streamline Efficiencies

Reduce enrollment burden and data duplication, freeing up resource capacity to serve more people.

Benefits of Joining

- Access a free, privacy-enabled collaboration platform that allows referral sharing, program enrollment, outcomes tracking, and visibility into shared clients

- Safely share appropriate information with network partners to better coordinate care and services

- Improve data collection to help meet grant reporting requirements

- Reduce enrollment burden on clients so they have to tell their story only once

Interested in joining the CommunityLink™ network? Visit their website at

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