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Housing / Anti-Displacement Toolkit

Housing is the lynchpin for opportunity: the location and quality of the home you can afford not only affects your living space and household budget — it determines the quality of your schools, the length of your commute, your health outcomes, and more. Housing Anti-Displacement tools work to expand housing opportunity and prevent displacement of low-income communities of color.

PolicyLink's Housing Anti-Displacement Tools cover three key strategies:

  1. Increase Affordability: Expand and preserve affordability through inclusionary zoning and housing trust funds.

  2. Opportunity Housing: Ensure public policies and investments foster healthy, economically-integrated neighborhoods and community ownership with policies such as tenant and community opportunity to purchase, community land trusts, and housing trust funds.

  3. Protect Tenants: Secure vulnerable renters and prevent displacement through legal representation, just cause legal protections, rental registries, and rent stabilization.

They recently added a new tool to our anti-displacement toolkit! The Eviction Record and Tenant Screening Protections tool provides an introduction to the policies needed to make it difficult for an eviction to be the sole predictor of someone’s housing future. Check out the tool and check out the policy scan map, which shows how these policies and the protections they offer are growing across the country.

Access all their housing tools here

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