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How to Find a Job in Philly

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Henry Savage | March 21, 2022

Whether you lost your job, want to transition to something else, or need help figuring out what options are available, looking for a new job can be stressful. So, to make the search a bit easier, here are some resources that can help.

What’s the job market like in Philly?

Before the pandemic, the Philadelphia job market was growing steadily — sometimes even outperforming the rest of the country. However, the pandemic hit Philly pretty hard, according to the Pew Research Center.

Since March 2020, Philadelphia has underperformed in job growth compared to the national growth rate. Right now, Philly is losing a lot of relatively lower-wage jobs and it’s affecting Black and female workers the most.

At the same time, many people left the workforce in 2021 in Philadelphia, which is putting pressure on employers to pay people more.

The fastest-growing job sectors in Philly in the past year are leisure and hospitality, transportation, business services, and health and education, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

To read about the resources available to jobseekers, click here.

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