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HUD wants to hear from you! Give feedback virtually on April 1 and April 4

Information from HUD:

As HUD looks to determine ways that the department can address the housing needs of formerly incarcerated and individuals with criminal histories, we are organizing upcoming virtual listening sessions with stakeholders to receive critical input on this topic. HUD would like to hear from housing providers, organizations that assist formerly incarcerated people, and current residents of HUD-assisted housing. We hope that you – or a designated representative from your organization – can participate in one of two listening sessions we are hosting on Friday, April 1 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET, and on Monday, April 4 from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM ET. We will seek your feedback on the following topics:

  • How criminal records are currently being used by providers of HUD-assisted housing in the screening and selection of applicants for housing assistance, or current residents of HUD-assisted housing.

  • The degree to which HUD-assisted housing providers are aware of HUD’s 2016 guidance that discusses the appropriate ways that criminal records may be considered in making tenant selection or eviction decisions, and the degree to which they have changed their policies or practices based on this guidance.

  • How HUD could ensure that HUD-assisted housing providers and landlords are aware of and in compliance with this 2016 guidance.

  • Practices, policies, or programs you have seen to be effective in increasing housing access or creating housing opportunities for justice-involved people who have housing needs.

During this meeting, HUD will not be asking questions on any specific topics or looking for a consensus that could trigger either Paperwork Reduction Act or Federal Advisory Committee Act requirements. The purpose of the meeting is for HUD to gather stakeholder feedback on HUD’s current policies that impact people with criminal records and, as mentioned before, to memorialize that feedback for the record. Please RSVP for only one session by signing up at either of the below links. Please note that you may send another representative from your own organization if you are unable to attend, but this invitation is otherwise non-transferable.

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