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Introducing Gateway, the City's New Landlord Network (8/17)

Please note: This event is specifically designed for landlords, but we're sharing with PRC members in the hopes that you all can share with any partners of yours who are small or medium sized property owners.

Are you a small to medium rental property owner? In collaboration with the Public Health Management Corporation, the City of Philadelphia is hosting an in-person meeting to address important questions related to your business, including:

• How to get a rental license • How to advertise your property • What is an emergency housing voucher • What are the alternatives to eviction

Experts from several City departments will discuss these topics and more. The event is also the opportunity to become familiar with Gateway, a new centralized landlord network. The network includes 15 different City offices and public agencies, tasked with creating a one-stop resource hub designed specifically for landlords in Philadelphia.

Register to attend their August 17 event in person at PHMC

Registration is free and lunch will be provided at no cost.

This is an in-person event, but you can also participate virtually. Use this link on the day of the event:

Meeting ID: 990 6457 6181

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