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Join PRC and PARSOL for a Training on Supporting People with Sex Offenses - 10/20/21

Just the Facts: Supporting People with Sex Offenses/ On the Registry

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Date/Time: October 20th @ 1pm

In The US, we have created a group of second-class citizens that society has deemed do not deserve the full protection of the law. The rights to privacy, freedom to travel, and reputation are all compromised once a person joins the class of "sex offender".

Mention that you work with sex offenders, and you're bound to get some strong emotions and opinions from people. But where do these feeling come from, and how do they compare to the research on sex offenses and the registry? Do the laws and conditions that society has embraced for this subset of people truly keep families safe? Are we doing the best that we can when it comes to prevention of sexual abuse? How can we give people with this type of history the best chance at success?

Join Randall A. Hayes, Legislative Director for PARSOL, for a one-hour presentation on the use of PA's sex offense registry and the challenges that it presents. Topics will include:

  • An overview of the convoluted history of the registry in PA

  • Demographics of people are on The List

  • Prevalence and recidivism of sex offenses

  • Reentry and life on the registry in PA and beyond

  • Pedophilia vs. child abuse

  • Pending court cases in PA

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