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Justice-Involved Citizens that Complete Reentry Program Eligible for PHA Housing

The Philadelphia Tribune: Stephen Williams | May 3, 2022

The federal probation office in the eastern district of Pennsylvania has a reentry court program called Supervision to Aid Reentry (STAR) for former offenders on probation, seeking to make a successful and productive return to society.

The STAR program provides intensive supervision and helps these returning citizens with education, training, employment and other services. In partnership with the city’s housing agency, those who successfully complete the program are eligible for Second Chance Vouchers that will pay for a rental apartment for up to two years.

Kelvin A. Jeremiah, PHA president and CEO, said the program, which started in 2015, has been so successful that he and the PHA Board of Commissioners, decided to expand it. Under the new agreement between PHA and the U.S. Probation Office, the agency will increase the number of vouchers to 30, from 20. The agreement will continue through November 2025, with an option to extend to 2027.

The Second Chance Voucher program is one of a number of innovative programs by PHA, under the leadership of Jeremiah that has made the news lately, including a partnership with Community College of Philadelphia, that provides low cost housing options for students at the school, who are in need.

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