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MCCP Philly Hosting Free Three-Part Training on Restorative Practices

Restorative Cities Information Flyer
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The Restorative Cities Initiative TM (RCI) is a process, a movement to help restore hope, unity, compassion, and connectedness to Philadelphia communities experiencing trauma and other adverse life events

RCI trains and supports community stakeholders in addressing needs and resolving conflicts. Community stakeholders include neighbors, block captains, organizations, community leaders, police, businesses, clergy, schools, any and every one that lives, funds, serves, or supports a community in any capacity.

Through diverse training, participants will learn restorative practices. Other teaching topics cover trauma, support building, African American males and behavioral health, and restorative justice, to name a few.

Restorative Cities Initiative ™ is optimistic that teaching these practices to individuals from various backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities, across the board, will strengthen ties, reduce negative system impact and involvement, increase hope and restore communities.

We are looking for committed people, businesses, and organizations dedicated to learning and expanding its community’s ability to grow and flourish. No specialized skills required. Only dedication and willingness!!! We will train you to do the rest.

For information about the initiative & training, contact Dr. Donna Jones at

Examples of restorative practices use:

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