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Mennonite Central Committee Looking to Hire Part Time Restorative Justice Advocate (10/31)

The Restorative Justice Advocate promotes MCC’s efforts in educating the church and community on the pipeline to prison and systemic injustices due to racism on communities of color. This involves working with at-risk youth in schools, after-school programs, and our prison ministry partners who assist people transitioning into community from prison. Education efforts involve teaching MCC’s constituency about ways to interact with incarcerated individuals, families of the incarcerated, at-risk youth, and those re-entering the community from prison from a trauma informed perspective. This work will be done by working with the MCC National Mass Incarceration network and other staff, and local partners. Together they will create resources and learning tools and will conduct local trainings, learning tours, workshops and events.

This position is 24 hours/week (0.6 full time equivalent)

Salaried: Salaried

Full time equivalent: 0.60

Start date: Monday, November 22, 2021

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Philadelphia, PA 19149 United States

To apply, click here.

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