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Mural Arts Guild Program Recruiting for Fall/Winter Cohort (11/8)

The Mural Arts Guild, a paid apprenticeship program, gives formerly incarcerated individuals, young adults on probation and Justice impacted community members the opportunity to reconnect with their community while developing job skills. Through work on creative projects like mural making, carpentry, and mosaics, employees of the Guild, guided by artists and other skilled professionals, transform their neighborhoods and themselves. Designed to incorporate concepts of community, victim, and individual restoration in every aspect of the program, The Guild seeks to prevent re-incarceration and further the employment or educational objectives of each employee.

The Mural Arts Guild program is currently recruiting for our fall/winter cohort, starting on November 15th. All potential applicants must be between 18 and 26 years of age, and must either be on probation and/or have been released from incarceration within the past year. We do not accept applicants convicted of sex offenses or arson, as we often work in recreation centers.

Click here for the application

This is a part-time position that pays 13.75/hour. We will begin conducting both in-person and ZOOM interviews next week.

Feel free to contact Rickey Duncan, Dawan Williams and/or Greg Corbin with any questions or concerns:

Rickey Duncan

Program Coordinator


Dawan Williams

Program Coordinator

Greg Corbin


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